Are you new to Montessori or Homeschooling and think that MONTESSORI HOMESCHOOL might be for you, but you're unsure where to start?

Then this course is for you!

  • Clarity

    Silence the noise of misinformation & misguidance from influencers who are on the same boat as you. Get clear on what Montessori REALLY is from a Montessori & Education expert!

  • Essentials & Non-negotiables

    Learn what makes your Homeschool, Montessori AND what essentials are needed to get started!

  • Get Started - without spending a penny!

    Learn how to practically get started NOW - without overcommitting or spending money unnecessarily.

  • Right Fit?

    Learn the TRUTH about what it takes to personalize learning and guide in a child-led/adult-guided environment AND determine, once-and-for-all, whether Homeschooling with The Montessori Method is the right fit for you!

  • Teacher Dispositions

    The materials, curriculum and activities are one thing, but it's your mindset & worldview that drives The Montessori Method. Learn about the three personal dispositions required to Montessori.

  • The Habits of Confidence

    Successful Montessorians are NOT better or more capable than you, we have different habits. Learn the what habits will help you gain the confidence you're seeking.

  • Popular Homeschool Approaches

    As if making the decision to homeschool isn't challenging enough, deciding what approach opens a whole other can of worms! Learn definitions & gain a basic understanding of the most popular homeschool approaches, including: Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Unschooling, Unit studies, Project-based learning and Eclectic.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction & Orientation

    2. Who is Maria Montessori?

    3. What is Montessori Education?

    4. Pillars & Key Understandings of a Montessori Education

    5. Key Montessori Terminology

    6. Montessori Homeschool environment vs Classroom

    7. What is Montessori Homeschool?

    8. Demystifying Montessori Lingo (EXTENDED LEARNING)

    1. Overview of Other Homeschool Approaches

    2. DEEP DIVE into Eclectic Homeschooling

    3. DEEP DIVE into Charlotte Mason

    4. DEEP DIVE into Unschooling

    5. DEEP DIVE into Classical Education

    6. DEEP DIVE into Unit Studies & Project Based Learning

    7. DEEP DIVE into Traditional Education

    8. DEEP DIVE into Waldorf

    1. Montessori education vs Traditional Education

    2. Common Montessori Misconceptions

    3. Cost Comparison & Pros and Cons

    4. Self-Assessment: Are you rightly disposed to lead in a Montessori Education?

    5. The Montessori Guide (EXTENDED LEARNING)

    6. Choosing a Life without School (EXTENDED LEARNING)

    1. Download your FREE Guide To Getting Started!

    1. Best Practices for Getting Started - BY AGE

    2. Defining the Function & Purpose of Spaces

    3. The Essentials of a Prepared Learning Space

    4. Essentials for The Adult

    5. DEEP DIVE: The Montessori Curriculum

    6. Jump into homeschooling!

    7. The Importance of Practical Life (EXTENDED LEARNING)

    8. Analysis Paralysis (EXTENDED LEARNING)

    1. Learn HOW to homeschool with The Montessori Method!

  • $129.99
  • 32 lessons

Participant Bonuses!

  • V 2.0 of TMT's Guide to Getting Started with Montessori Homeschool

    $50 value

    Over 30 pages of value-packed information necessary to sharpen your Montessori knowledge and curated resources to get your started.

  • Discount on The Montessori Homeschool Academy™

    Up to $500 value

    A HEFTY discount on The Montessori Homeschool Academy™ for those who complete the course!

  • Acceptance into The MONTESSORI HOMESCHOOL ACADEMY™ upon completion


    This course serves as an orientation course for The MONTESSORI HOMESCHOOL ACADEMY. The Academy is not for everyone, it requires a commitment to Homeschooling with The Montessori Method and a commitment to the lifestyle change that comes with it. The Montessori Homeschool Academy is our Signature Program that has proven life changing to its enrollees. Completion of this foundations course ensures that you have everything you need to prepare for The MONTESSORI HOMESCHOOL ACADEMY™.

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If you've already gotten things off the ground , have committed to learning how to guide your child in child-led/adult-guided personalized learning with The Montessori Method & have a learning space available, you may be ready to start The Montessori Homeschool Academy™! The Academy teaches you HOW to teach, get organized, set up sustainable systems and how to transform your mindset to lead a Montessori lifestyle & homeschool with The Montessori Method - in EVERY stage of your child's development. Yes, you read that right! EVERY STAGE of your child's development. The Academy focuses on YOUR PREPARATION and transforms you into a prepared adult!

Clarity on how to get started with Montessori Homeschool at your fingertips!

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