You want to give your child the highest-quality Montessori Education,

But the inundation of information has left you...

  • Confused

    Let's face it the Montessori realm is like anything else on the internet...filled with misinformation, self-proclaimed experts and folks with more opinions than you can shake a stick at! Just as one person says one thing, the other says another. All we have left to ask is "Why are you the way that you are? Everytime I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it.not.that.way." :sigh:

  • Overwhelmed

    "Oh my gosh have you seen that new planner? It's super open and go! Wait, but how is that child-led?" - "When they say work up to a 3 hour work cycle? Does that mean build up the time or build up endurance?" -"Everyone is now talking about that new reading program? Do I need that? Cuz the one I have isn't getting us to where we need to be....Where do we need to be again?" "Do I follow the child's needs? or interests? and how do I do that exactly?"

  • Overworked

    As if teasing out what's what isn't exhausting enough, now I have to try to pretend to figure out how I put this all together? I just can't keep up with all the advice - much less my child! And how exactly am I supposed to also make time for laundry or, ya know, time to eat a proper meal?

"We feel so at peace...I literally have NO questions any more."

Arielle Prete

What is The Montessori Homeschool Academy™ ?

The MOST complete resource available for Montessori homeschool families

The Academy follows an action-oriented, Montessori-inspired approach to adult learning that focuses on helping you develop the mindset, skills and know-how of a seasoned Montessori guide in 3-5 months - NOT years - so you can confidently homeschool your child in The Montessori Method.

I teach you processessystems of organization and provide you with the clarity & understanding to effectively transform your educational approach - in other words I teach you HOW to teach.

"An ordinary teacher...must be created anew, having rid herself of pedagogical prejudices"  Maria Montessori

THIS is where I come in.


Settling is unfulfilling, deprives you from living your best life and leaves you feeling inferior and fall of regrets

The Academy's Course Curriculum

Everything in one place on your desktop or in our APP!

    1. Get Ready for Lift Off!

    2. Setting Yourself Up for Success

    3. How to Navigate your Client Portal

    4. How to Save and print PDF Documents

    5. How to Use Video Functions

    6. How to copy documents

    7. BONUS CONFERENCE SESSION: Choosing a Life without School

    1. Meet the Team

    2. Privacy Policy and Web Terms

    1. Support Call Q&A: Montessori Clinic Preview

    2. Organizing your Montessori Shelves

    3. Unit Studies & Montessori

    1. Module Guide: Elements of an Effective Lesson

    2. Intro to Pillars of a Montessori Education

    3. Pillar: Respect & Kindness

    4. Pillar: Grace & Courtesy

    5. Pillar: AutoEducation & Trust

    6. Pillar: Self-Discipline

    7. Cultural Competence & Your Montessori Child

    1. Module Guide: Mindset and Observation

    2. Observation of the Self

    3. Observation of the Self (ASSIGNMENT)

    4. Observation of the Child

    5. Your First Child Observation (ASSIGNMENT)

    1. Module Guide: Self Organization

    2. Establishing a Rhythm, PART 1 - Values & Chunks (ASSIGNMENT)

    3. Establishing a Rhythm, PART 2 - Anchors & Tools (BOOKMARK)

    4. TMT's Life Organization System™ - Mindset Work (INTRO)

    5. TMT's Life Organization System™ - Preparing YOUR Environment (PART 1)

    6. TMT's Life Organization System™ - Comprehensive Calendaring (PART 2)

    7. TMT's Life Organization System™ - Your Later List (PART 3)

    8. TMT's Life Organization System™ - The Meeting with Yourself (PART 4)

About this course

  • $3,495.00
  • 62 lessons


Here's what clients have to say about the TRANSFORMATIONS they've experienced!

“"Maraming maraming maraming salamat!!! I had to express my utmost gratitude in my native tongue because THANK YOU cannot capture it enough. [Lynda] has helped me in a multitude of ways, as mother and teacher, that I don't know where to begin. It's going to take a while for me to unpack everything in words ... I feel so much lighter! Everything is in order. I am so much more prepared to learn with the kiddos. I now have more mental/emotional space to be a better mother and teacher for them."”

Deanne - Homeschool Mama of 4

““[This program] has given me so much clarity on how to go about homeschooling my children with the Montessori method. It blends philosophy with practical application...The resources are golden and pay for themselves. This is what people mean when they say that after the program, they realized it saved them YEARS of learning through trial and error."”

Cristina, Homeschooler mama of 3, Influencer

“"An amazing and thorough program that has been INSTRUMENTAL in bringing clarity, less anxiety, and good rapport to not only our homeschool environment, but also our home. I was staying up late every night trying to plan my lessons. I was filled with stress balancing budgets and trying to figure out what curriculum or material we needed to purchase...My doubts are quiet and I feel able and confident! It was THE investment that I needed, so I could be more consistent, more prepared, and give my children the experience, the environment, and the Guide they deserve...I wish I'd done it sooner!"”

Armida, Homeschool mama of 2

“"I am blown away! ... So much more concentration and she's putting things away! I should be working but I'm just observing and crying. I'm gonna be able to get so much work done! No more 3am wake-ups!"”

Nicole - Homeschool mama of 1, Lawyer & Entrepreneur

“"There were "aha" moments throughout the program and the life organization sessions were really life altering for me...Following Lynda's advice and guidance, I feel confident that I have the time and can provide the quality of education that my child deserves!"”

Joy Marilie Jackson - Homeschool mama of 1, Influencer & Entrepreneur

“"The course brought so much clarity and helped me to see the depth of what I ought to be teaching my's clear, concise, and easy to navigate. Lynda has made my life sooooo much easier... THIS is truly priceless!"”

Grace - Homeschool mama of 1, highschool teacher

“"Starting out I was unsure of myself and my abilities, however Lynda has provided me with a crystal clear roadmap on where I need to guide my children...I have so much more confidence. Lynda is a joy to work with and genuinely cares about my homeschooling success. I would highly recommend her course to anyone wanting to use the Montessori Method to homeschool. It was one of the best investments I have ever made!"”

Candice - homeschool mama of 3, Military family


When we say COMPLETE, we mean it!

  • Montessori Curriculum for ages 6-12!

    $900 VALUE

    Don't fall for recreated Montessori Curriculum! Spoiler alert! > There is ONLY ONE. Your course includes AUTHENTIC Montessori Curriculum for Math, Language, Geometry, Practical Life, & Sensorial for Primary, Lower Elementary & Upper Elementary curriculum is included!

  • Montessori Scopes & Sequences for ages 3-12!

    $1100 value

    A Montessori curriculum is USELESS without a Scope & Sequence to help you make sense of it! Your course includes TMT's TRADEMARKED Scopes & Sequences for Primary, Lower Elementary & Upper Elementary! TMTs Scopes & Sequences are aligned to AMI, AMS and CCSS to ensure your long-term success and optimized individualization!

  • ALL TMTs SIGNATURE Organization Systems!

    $3500 Value

    Learn all of Lynda's Organization Secrets! Life Organization System™, Signature Lesson Planning System™, & Paper Organization & Storage Solutions!

"What was extra special about you is that you REALLY do have a mission of Cultural inclusion & diversity."

Hana Khan


Confidence & Clarity help you form a vision for your own life so you can lead it. Stop blaming, Stop excusing and Start creating habits that make you confident.

Teaching & parenting is no easy feat. We all need support to reach our potential. -- Your support comes with LIFETIME Access.

That's right! LIFETIME ACCESS to community, coaching and all digital resources.

  • The Mighty Montessori Community


    Gain access to our EXCLUSIVE Online Community of like-minded Montessorians where we share in our experiences and learn from one another with EXCLUSIVE content and Community LIVEs!

  • LIVE WEEKLY Support Calls with Lynda!


    Once a week, FOR A LIFETIME, you have the opportunity to get ALL of your questions, yes YOUR QUESTIONS, answered as you grow in your practice and as your child grows! Lynda's standard hourly rate is $250/hr!

  • FOUR Digital Montessori BOOKS + Streamlined Resources!

    $1200 Value

    You'll receive "The Montessori Method", "The Formation of Man", "The Discovery of the Child", and "Spontaneous Activity in Education" by Maria Montessori PLUS all the STREAMLINED resources you will ever need to take the guesswork out of it!

"Having your systems together, having your systems tight, is important in this work and especially important in creativity because creativity is a discipline that can be very demanding."

Ashley Causey-Golden

The Montessori Homeschool Academy ™ is BY APPLICATION ONLY


After your application is reviewed, you will be invited to a Discovery Call with Lynda Apostol. 

Acceptance into The Montessori Homeschool Academy™ is contingent on fit: alignment in core values, alignment in goals, personal dispositions and client coachability.


  • What is a Flexible Payment Plan?

    We can amortize the total amount to fit your budget. Typically no more than 6 months. Although, exceptions have been made clients in Asian and Latin American countries. Moral of the story - Apply and discuss your situation during the Discovery Call. Please note: There is a payment processing fee for each payment made on a payment plan.

  • How will this course be delivered?

    This is a self-guided pre-recorded course that will be dripped one week at a time starting on your enrollment date.

  • How long can I access the course?

    You’ll have LIFETIME access to the course content, videos, homework templates, resources, and everything else you need for your homeschooling journey. You will also have access to any future content that is added!

  • What if I don’t have time to complete the content every week? Can I go at my own pace?

    The course is self-guided and content will be released weekly. You can certainly go at your own pace, but completing each lesson each week or every other week is highly recommended. The content in this course works best if you follow the timeline so you don’t fall into old habits. You’ll have all the support you need and if you need to go back to review something, it’s there FOREVER!

  • Why do we need to apply?

    Just like everything else, this course isn’t for everybody. This course was created with one specific purpose and client avatar in mind in a very specific point of their journey. The application process is to vet candidates and ensure fit for both you and I. This bring us both peace of mind that this is, in fact, is what you are looking for so that you don’t waste your time or money on something that isn’t going to deliver on your expectations.

  • What happens at the Discovery Call?

    Applications will be processed and reviewed as they come in. If your application is approved, you will be invited to a Discovery Call. The Discovery Call is where you get to ask any pending questions you may have about the program and we get to know each other better to determine fit.

  • I am a part of a larger organization, can I still apply?

    Absolutely! You will go through the same application process as everyone else.

  • What are the LIVE Support Calls?

    LIVE support calls are group ZOOM calls scheduled on a recurring weekly basis to address questions submitted through a coaching form. You opt in to attend the sessions.Sessions take place once or twice a week. The day/time of the sessions are on a seasonal schedule.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards & PayPal